Little WeeeeeeEEEEEEEED, anyone?

I found a long-lost schoolfriend this year. We shared a room at Overstone (girls’ boarding school) in the summer of 1968, breaking quite a few rules along the way, such as smoking and sneaking out to meet boys. The amazing thing is that Di met Dave that summer, got caught (by Miss Parker, I believe), got expelled, got married, and is still married to him. Now isn’t that a love story?

So, as I said, I caught up with Di this year. She and Dave have a very interesting business. They design and sell Flowerpot Men! Antique Habershons should remember Bill and Ben and Little Weed! I can even remember that the show was on Fridays after lunch.

So, Habershons, friends and lurkers, this way to Five Pole Farm! Make sure you read She Knows Best. And don’t forget to order some pots!

2004 Habershon Christmas Quiz Results

Announcement from Quizmaster, David:

Well done all the five entrants in the annual Habershons Christmas Quiz and especially the New Zealand Habershons, Crowthers and Pownalls who submitted some interesting answers. Congratulations to the winners from Bedford who beat the Emsworthians by a narrow margin of 1/2 pt. Being competitive people, Habershons have absolutely no hang ups about the publication of a League Table, so here are the results in full:

1st – Bedford, England – 90%
2nd – Emsworth, England – 88%
3rd – Glastonbury, England – 85%
4th – Houston, Texas – 68%
5th – Auckland, New Zealand – 54%

The correct answers and Quizmaster’s comments are here. (pdf version here.)

More snow!

Oh man. It’s so difficult to do this when you’ve been drinking Calvados and white wine but it snowed again tonight and I just had to post these pictures of Wendy’s first snow and John’s Raider’s first snow (since 1991) in Houston on Christmas Eve when it never snows in Houston this is such a big deal merry Christmas everybody and now I’m going to bed goodnight oh and don’t forget the Christmas quiz.

The 2004 Christmas Quiz

Here it is! The 2004 Habershon Christmas Quiz. Click here if you prefer the .pdf version.

You will recall that David published the rules twelve days ago. The only change that has been made is that the deadline for entries has been extended until midnight (GMT) Boxing Day as some Habershons will be internet-challenged on Chrismas Day.

Remember that all entries should be sent to cat*at* They will then be forwarded to the judge.

Good luck! And a Very Merry Christmas to anyone who comes by!

Snow in Houston!

Big excitement in Houston this morning. It snowed! Unfortunately I was at my yoga class when it was actually coming down, but I can prove it. Click on the picture of the leaf from our back yard for a close-up.

I have never seen snow in Houston. Apparently the last time was in 1991, about two months before I moved here.

Oh, and it was 72 degrees here four days ago. The forecast for next Thursday is sunny and 76 degrees.

Now that was news, huh?

Okay okay. Christmas Quiz coming up.

We want Carlos!

It hasn’t been the greatest of offseasons for the Astros. The General Manager quit without warning. Lance Berkman injured his knee playing flag football and will miss the first few weeks of the season. Jeff Kent left us for the Dodgers (which isn’t so bad, because now maybe Biggio will be able to finish out his career at second base where he belongs).

Today, however, things could turn around. It’s Houston’s turn to talk to Carlos Beltran and his agent and try to persuade him to stay with the Astros. We don’t have as much money to throw around as the Yankees or the Mets or the Angels, but there is an outside chance.

I must remember to breathe today.

There are at least 29,015 others who must remember to breathe today.

Cookies, anyone?

Do any of you have one of those long thin cupboards like this in your kitchen? This one’s always annoyed the heck out of me. What was I supposed to put in it? Spaghetti? Bongs? Baseball bats?

Our fully-furnished unit in Sanibel had the same size cupboard. When I saw what was kept in it I could hardly wait to get home and rearrange our pans. Perhaps everyone except me knew this, but I’m posting the picture here just in case.

Don’t worry, Habershons and loyal readers, the Christmas Quiz will be here soon.