Two of the Stables Habershons reached milestone birthdays this month. Happy 21st to Jamie and Happy 18th to Emma!

I understand that Jamie has now left the Falmouth College of Arts and will be doing a three-year Fine Arts degree at the Dartington College of Arts, starting in October. I also understand (from his parents, naturally) that his paintings show promise.

Perhaps a Habershon could comment sensibly on the picture?

Oh, by the way, the double birthday party is on September 2nd. I’m sure that if you show up and mention that you read about it on, you will be warmly welcomed.

Louisville, Part III

Louisville, Part I
Louisville, Part II

The man sitting next to me on the aeroplane mellowed out when he saw my embarrassment. He surrendered his seatbelt and bought me $4 gin and tonics for the rest of the trip. He even carried my bag all the way from the plane to the Holiday Inn shuttle bus.

I stayed the night at the Holiday Inn and met up with Crazy Joe and bruno the next day. I loved them both instantly. Crazy Joe is from Cincinnati. He’d driven from there that morning after a final. Bruno lives in New Albany, which is in fact in Indiana, just over the state line. He works in Louisville for a company, the name of which might make Habershons think of toffees.

We had lots of stuff planned. The first item on the agenda was lunch. The picture is a view of Louisville from the Buckhead Mountain Grill.

I had turned back home on my drive to the airport to get my camera, but the traffic was horrendous, so I turned around again at the next exit. Bruno let me borrow his. I wasn’t used to it and the pictures didn’t come out too well. But hey, pictures are better than no pictures.

Salt Lake City murder

Mark Hacking has admitted to murdering his wife and throwing her body in a rubbish bin. The police have been searching the rubbish dump for her body for a long time.

Instead of letting him sit in a cosy jail with hot meals and warm bed, why on earth don’t they take him to the dump, attach one end of a long chain to his ankle, the other end to something heavy, and leave him there until he finds her?

Letting go

It’s been such a sad week here. We put Mud to sleep on Tuesday morning. She was 19 years old. She might have had some extra time if we’d opted for radioactive iodine therapy to treat her hyperthyroidism, but we decided against it. The cost was prohibitive, one of her kidneys had already failed, she was arthritic, congested, deaf … she was just too old.

What can I say about Mud? Well, we adopted her when she was ten years old. When we brought her to the house, Cindie was livid. While she sulked and sighed and strutted around, Mud took it all in stride and tried so hard not to make waves. Then when delinquents Condie and Maggie arrived she didn’t howl or pout. She just kept her distance and watched them break up the house. All the time she lived with us I had the feeling that she was saying, “Thank you for taking me in. I hope it’s okay with you. I don’t want to cause any trouble.” She loved to be brushed and used to wait for us on the deck sitting next to her brush and comb. We used to call her “Velcro Kitty” because every time I sat down she’d attach herself to my lap and would stay there indefinitely on automatic purr until I peeled her off. That’s a picture of her in July 2000. She weighed nine pounds then. At the end she was less than three pounds.

She died in my lap at the Cat Veterinary Clinic while John and I scratched her head and petted her. She was such a good cat.

Astros Update

The Astros have been awful; in fact, they’ve quite ruined my summer. They were supposed to go to the World Series this year. It was meant to be their year. It was. They were supposed to be one of the best teams in Baseball. But nothing’s gone right. Andy Pettitte has spent most of the year on the Disabled List and is now having season-ending elbow surgery. Roger Clemens has earned his keep, but it’s been plain embarrassing that every time he comes out and pitches he can’t get a win because his teammates can’t score any runs.

I haven’t given up hope yet, though. They may be 19 games behind the division-leading Cardinals but are only 6 behind in the Wild Card standings. Today they turned their first triple play (very rare, Habershons) in thirteen years and completed a sweep of the Phillies. They’ve won four in a row and are on their way back to Houston for a series against the Cubs.

The more I type the more optimistic I feel.

The quick fox jumped over the lazy brown dogs
The quick fox jumped over the lazy…

Yoga Cartoon

I told my Bikram yoga instructor on Tuesday that I was feeling a little under the weather, jokingly blaming too many G&Ts. I’d only had one. Really. He immediately pulled out a New Yorker cartoon from under the counter. I wonder if it’s a standard handout for hungover yoga students?

Dead End Angels Return

Hey, Houston reader! If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow night you should come to Dan Electro’s.


Because the Dead End Angels are back in town!

And if you’re looking for something to do tonight you’re welcome to look through my Dead End Angels album.

See you there. Don’t be late!

P.S. Show up and mention that you read this on and I’ll buy you a drink*. I’ll be the one in the cowboy hat.

*Note that this offer does not include Kevin, Callie, my immediate or extended family or any of their relatives.

Habershons and Holidays

While I’ve been neglecting, there have been trickles of news coming in. Let’s have a look here. Well, The Stables Gang took a last-minute trip to Paphos, Cyprus for a week. The next weekend there was a family get-together at Emsworth: Paul and Nick and Ricky and Helen and William and Jamie and Emma and David and Libby. Paul was late because he got stuck in a queue on the M-1 due to a lorry fire. Table tennis and tennis and croquet were played by everyone. The food was excellent and the drinks were flowing and everyone read the Sunday newspapers. Everyone except for Libby and Paul went sailing in David’s boat.

As for me and John. We actually have a week’s vacation planned over Thanskgiving, so we have something to look forward to, too. Last year you may remember we spent it with John’s family on Sanibel Island in Florida. John’s family is not going to make it this year, but we decided we’d go back anyway, especially as John had already put in for vacation time. We placed a deposit on a condo back in June. Unfortunately the island got hit by Hurricane Charley yesterday, but we figure they have three months to get it fixed up before our arrival.

So now you all have the scoop.