Round Trip

By special request, here’s a magnificently thrown-together map of Jim’s and Karen’s route.

The solid line is where they’ve been and the dotted line is where they hope to go. Keep your fingers crossed for the health of that car.

They’re leaving tomorrow (howl) so you can also click here, here, and here for pictures.

Now we’re going to watch Spiderman.

Jim and Karen arrive

Jim arrived last night in a dreadful looking car. Apparently the license plate will be familiar to all those who have failed to avoid seeing “Wayne’s World.” As it’s packed with all his worldly belongings and before it drags down the neighbourhood I’m very kindly offering him my parking space in the garage. I should add that this car has taken him through his entire year at UCSB. All it has to do now is make it back to California.

He and Karen have driven from California, via Utah, Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Louisiana (not necessarily in that order). They’ve already got some interesting stories. They locked the keys in the car while camping in Oklahoma, and some people near them fixed them breakfast while they waited in the rain for the locksmith to arrive. They ended up staying with them in Memphis. Not bad, huh?

Anyway, I’ll try to get a picture of the two of them for the Emsworth Habs album. Be patient!

Minis at the Lonestar Series

John and I drove to Dallas yesterday to meet up with other Minis for Game Two of the Lonestar Series. It was good to see Alex, and Wendy was beside herself at seeing Atualpa again. We also got to meet Deja, Cameron, and Sexy Sona. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the Dallas Club. It was probably the rain that kept them away.

This was my 18th ballpark, and another beauty. No roof. Why did I leave my raincoat in the car? We were all, however, given free Texas Rangers rainhats on the way in. I wore mine inside out. It was not a good day for taking pictures. We spent most of the time trying to keep dry. Anyway, click on the wet ticket stub to see what we did get.

Football, Baseball, and a Habershon Visit

I know there must be many Habershons who are feeling absolutely crushed at England’s defeat by Portugal yesterday. Portugal? My, how things have changed since I left England. Don’t despair, though. Now is a good time for you to jump on the bandwagon and become an Astros fan. Last night the final piece of the puzzle was added to the team and Carlos Beltran will be our centerfielder, at least until the end of the season. During his stay, I hope he will ignite the Astros’ rather dull offense and help them through the playoffs to the World Series.

John and I are driving to Dallas this weekend to watch the Astros play the Texas Rangers in the second game of the Lonestar Series. We are meeting up with members of the Dallas Mini Club, so make sure you come back here to admire all the colourful pictures I plan on taking.

On Sunday, my nephew with the eyebrow ring will be arriving in Houston with a friend. I know nothing about the friend, except that she drew a very cute (and artistic) picture of a cat on a postcard the two of them sent from Oklahoma. She must be okay.

Stay tuned for further excitement and pictures. And if any of you decide to become Astros fans please let me know your shirt or cap size.

Ah! I just noticed that Greece beat France. Does that make anyone feel better?

Kitty Gifts

Condi and Maggie love their cat door. Mud hasn’t figured it out yet. Can’t teach a 19-year-old cat new tricks, I suppose.

Unfortunately, Condi likes to bring us presents. Her favourite gifts are lizards. She drops them triumphantly at our feet and purrs. It’s difficult to get cross with her. Usually we have to flush them to put them out of their misery. Sometimes, if they have four feet left, we put them back outside. This one escaped our notice. John found it walking along the blind in his office this morning. He picked it up to take it outside and it bit him!