London2Sydney Charity Concert

Clare must be home from France. In case you didn’t get her e-mail, she’s organized a charity concert to help make everyone aware of brother Nick‘s London2Sydney expedition. The musicians are from the Contemporary Rock/Pop College in London, and will be playing at Esquires Music Venue in Bedford on Friday, June 11th. Contact Clare for tickets (four pounds each), or you can make a PayPal donation on the website. All proceeds will be going to Cancer Research UK. Nick and Andy are financing the expedition from their own pockets.

Hot Yoga

Now that I have to drive to my Bikram Yoga classes I’ve run into a small problem. When I leave the place I’m always drenched with sweat. I bought a large towel to cover the car seat, but it tends to slide down the back of the seat. In addition, the seat belt gets wet. I could take a shower at the yoga place, but if I don’t get away before 7:45 the traffic builds up.

When John was in the car yesterday he mentioned that Wendy was starting to smell like a gym. So now I’m wondering if I smell bad when I get to work, having sat in the same seat in my work clothes.

Oh dear!

I’m thinking that the best answer would be to buy a huge terrycloth robe (that’s a flannel dressing gown, Habershons) and wear it in the car. The only problem is, would I get funny looks from other drivers? Wendy gets enough looks as it is, and I’d be very conspicuous.

Our Sugar Hackberry

As you will note from this picture, we are still enjoying the empty lot next door. It does turn into a swamp when it rains, the mosquitoes multiply, and the frogs keep us awake with their chorus, but it certainly beats having two three-storey townhomes blocking our view. The owner of the lot has already asked us if he can buy two-feet of our property for easement purposes so that he can build what he wants to build. He also wants to cut down the tree. He actually sent us an e-mail about the tree: It’s called a Sugar Hackberry, “characterized as a fast-growing but somewhat undesirable tree in this climate — due to its short life, shallow roots, edible berries which result in bird droppings, allergic reactions and weak wood.”

I’ve always liked that tree. Now I like it even more.

Perfect Game

John woke me up from a deep sleep last night to tell me that Randy Johnson had pitched a perfect game. This gets better. It was against the atlanta braves 🙂

Coincidentally, the last time John woke me up with some Baseball news was to tell me that the Astros had signed Randy Johnson. That was in 1998. He didn’t stay long, but we enjoyed having him in town.

Las Vegas Losses

Okay, I’d better fess up. I won nothing in Las Vegas. Backed
the wrong horse in the Preakness, lost nearly two weeks’ pay
at the Black Jack tables, plus $20 trying to win this yellow Mini
at the Aladdin.

John‘s luck wasn’t much better, but at least he left with some
of the money he brought to lose.

And we still had a great time!

A barge for him and a gondola for her

Pulteney Bridge, Bath Men Behaving Badly
David has sent some Habershon news and two pictures.

Libby is in Venice with some girlfriends celebrating a 50th birthday. In the meantime, I fixed a narrowboat with 4 other blokes on the Kennet & Avon Canal from Bradford on Avon to Bath, stopping the first night at Limpley Stoke – “Boys Cruise”. Amazingly the weather was fantastic. And we managed to berth on Saturday night just below Pulteney Bridge – see photo . . . , taken at 7:00 on Sunday morning. Our boat is second from the top on the right.

The second picture shows them moored at Limpley Stoke where they visited an excellent pub called the Hop Pole, featured in Remains of the Day.

Thank you, David. That first picture should be made into a postcard.

Back in Las Vegas

John and I had such a good time in Las Vegas at Christmas that we decided to come back for a long weekend. We’ve been here since Thursday (staying at the Luxor again) and leave tomorrow morning. It’s been almost a re-run of the last trip except we miss the Emsworth Habs and aren’t doing so well at the Black Jack tables. Today, however, is a brand new day and we’re going to win it all back!