Best Seats Ever

Jason Lane, Brandon Duckworth and Roger Clemens Jose Cruz
I got my hands on the best Astros tickets ever last night and gathered up some Fantasy Baseball friends to share my good fortune. First row behind the Astros’ dugout (thank you, GG). So close that I could see individual blades of grass at eye level. So close that I made eye contact with Brandon Duckworth three times, Craig Biggio once, and Jose Cruz (the very fine fan friendly first base coach) many times. So close that I was actually asked to remove my beer from the top of the dugout. So close I could have leaned over and rumpled Roger Clemens’ hair. It was just unfortunate that Tim Redding had a very bad night. Of all nights!

It was also the first time that I’ve attended a Baseball game and spent absolutely nothing! Free tickets, free parking, and grateful friends who bought me everything I needed.

I’ll never get seats like that again.

Sunday Afternoon Baseball

Mmmm… what a perfect day for a ballgame. John’s mum lives near a station so we parked outside her house and walked to the train. Here I am on the platform. We took the train to Preston Station and walked to the ballpark. We didn’t have tickets, but found a man lurking behind a hedge who sold us a pair for $5 each (much quicker than standing in line at the ticket windows.) The only thing wrong with our view was that we couldn’t see a portion of left field and Lance Berkman made brilliant plays out there all afternoon. S’okay, though, because we saw them on the replay screen. Here’s a picture of my Chicago Dog. Roger Clemens won his third game (Astros 6, Brewers 1) and looked as strong as when I last saw him pitch (at Fenway Park in 1990). Oh, and he had an RBI single.

Beautiful weather and the roof was open. This is why I live in America.

Hot Astros

Craig Biggio

After losing the first two games of the season, the Astros are now in first place, without the help of Andy Pettitte, who is on the disabled list.

John‘s second favourite player, Craig Biggio, is on a tear, batting .391. If the season continues like this, it’s going to be a great summer!

A difficult job

Sometimes when I’m playing with the remote I’ll come across the weekly Houston City Council meeting on a public service channel. Anyone who wants to can go to that meeting and speak to the Mayor and the Council members for a limited amount of time. I think it’s two minutes. Habershons, you wouldn’t believe some of the people that get up to speak their minds — I suppose it’s a little like Speaker’s corner in Hyde Park.

What I hadn’t realized, however, is that the poor City Secretary actually has to record Minutes of these meetings. I discovered this this afternoon when my boss had asked me to search the City Secretary’s website for some Ordinances. Here’s a sample of some of the stuff I found.

Ms. Sheri Cortez, 8722 Sterlingame, Houston, Texas 77031 (713-988-0772) appeared and stated that she was present to express her concern about the events that occurred at the George R. Brown Convention Center on June 16th, that it was her belief if they continued to put politics before safe policing they were asking for trouble, that she would like to express her difference of opinion with Chief Bradford that there was not probable cause to stop and question the members of the New Black Panthers as they protested with assault rifles and shotguns in their possession, that Probable Cause Number 1 was considered a high risk vehicle, that she got the information from the General Orders issued to the Police Department and the General Orders that she did have were signed by then Chief Lee Brown, that a high risk vehicle stated what was the difference between the local street gang riding around with weapons in their car about to do a drive-by and the New Black Panthers standing up in a convertible Humvee showing their weapons, that any officer allowed to do their job would have stopped the vehicle just to find out what the intentions were, that during the stop, for his safety, he would have had the guns checked and the people carrying them, that if everything came back clear they then would have been sent on their way to their destination with unloaded guns, that Probable Cause Number 2 was special threat situation, any situation involving sniper, a barricaded suspect with or without one or more hostages or any terroristic activity, that definition of terroristic activity as far as the General Orders given to the Police Department cadets at the Police Academy, terroristic activity was any in progress acts such as political terrorism that created or designed to create the fear of death or immediate bodily injury in the minds of others, that was in fact what happened at the George R. Brown Convention Center, that if locking the Republican Delegates in the convention center to protect them from harm was not an act of fear then she did not know what was, that the people who were in charge of the Black Panthers designed the protest to cause that fear so Probable Cause Number 2 they should have been stopped and checked and released if everything was clear, that if what they were saying was that police had no right to stop a group of people walking around with weapons just to find out their intentions then how were they supposed to stop the person walking down the street about to rob a bank, that how many of the officers working at the convention center would have been there if they would have known that they would have had to be out there with armed men and not be able to question them, that obviously there were people in the group who could not control their temper due to the fact that an assault did occur, what would have happened if those people would have lost control with a weapon, that people and officers would have been hurt if not killed, that she watched it on television, and she called Special Ops Division to find out if they were aware of what was going on and they were aware. Council Members Galloway, Keller, Castillo and Sanchez absent.


Easter Basket

Gross!  And yes, very dead.
We’ve been letting Condi and Maggie outside on weekends and sometimes for an hour in the evenings before supper. Condi travels far and has already lost three collars, two of which have been returned. Maggie sticks around and comes inside regularly to check on her bowl.

Condi is the lizard catcher. When she finds one she’ll bring it inside and dump it at my feet, still alive. If I try to take it away from her she growls and rests her paw on it. When she’s finished torturing it and it’s almost dead, she’ll give it to Maggie, and go off to find another one? When Maggie’s done with it I flush it.

Unfortunately, I must have missed one yesterday. I woke up this morning, got out of bed, fluffed my pillow, and found this underneath.

Easter Quiz

Can someone come up with the answer to this puzzle? By Thursday?

The name Bela Lugosi contains all five vowels: A, E, I, O and U. All occur exactly once within just 10 letters. What famous person’s name contains all five vowels exactly once in just nine letters? Here’s a hint: the first name has four letters and starts with two consonants.

Houston Sights

View of downtown Houston buildingsDogs in the Dandelion fountain I took these pictures on my walk today. One is a view of the Downtown Houston buildings and the other is the Gus S. Wortham Fountain (dandelion) next to the Allen Parkway. It’s a great place for dogs and joggers to cool off.