A Nothing Day

It’s February 29th. John and I have been thinking that February 29th should be a “nothing” day. It should just be treated as if it doesn’t exist. Then tomorrow would be Sunday and we’d have another day off. We ended up agreeing, though, that it would play havoc with our computers.

Music Music Music

Couple of CDs added to my collection this week. Michael Fracasso (Austin singer/guitarist) has a new one out called “Pocketful of Rain.” He was promoting it at Cactus Records this afternoon and I wandered over to listen to him play some of the songs from it. “Whiskey Mother” is my favourite.

The other one is by a band called Belle & Sebastian. Has anyone else heard of them? They’re from Glasgow. I’d heard a song on net radio called “If She Wants Me” and liked it so much I ordered the CD — “Catastrophe Waitress.” Nice surprise too . . . I like all the other songs. Strange words, weird arrangements, but you can’t help smiling along with them. There’s even a song about “Mike Piazza, New York catcher”. Right up my alley.

Oh, and Nick, thanks for introducing me to Jason Mraz’s music. I’m hooked. Next time he comes to Houston I’ll be there — standing if necessary!

The Garage/Shed Project Continues

Nothing could be as bad as finding termites. This morning wasn’t too great, though. We had a dumpster delivered. 20 yards long. A magnificent (Sorry, Habershons. That seems to be my word of the month.) dumpster. The only trouble was that after the driver had deposited it in the driveway his truck got stuck in the mud (oh, and I forgot to mention that he also had to wake up the homeowner across the street at 7:30 and ask him to move his Mustang — we’re going to be so popular around here). I should add that it’s been raining a lot in Houston lately and everything’s quite muddy.

Anyway, after several attempts to get out of the driveway, the driver called for help. Another truck showed up with a tow chain. The chain broke. Fortunately Mikey arrived at this point, so I left. I understand that it took about an hour before the truck shifted. As you will note from the photo album, our driveway and lawn are a mess. Nothing we can do right now, though. The damn thing will be back in a couple of weeks to pick up the dumpster.


Mikey came back on Monday to begin fixing our shed and garage. The first thing he found was a band of termites in the corner of the garage. EUCHHH! Then the next day he found another band of termites in a corner of the shed, fortunately(?!) in the same area as the garage termites. The garage is attached to the shed. Fortunately the garage and shed aren’t attached to the house. Tomorrow a termite company is coming by to “treat” them (don’t understand that term at all. What did they do to deserve a “treat”?) and inspect under the house. The termite expert says it’s doubtful that they’ll be in the house because it was built before 1945 when the wood had chemicals in it that are banned today.

Fingers crossed, everyone.