Back to Reality

We’re back from Las Vegas. What a great trip! I’ve put some more pictures in the photo album. I haven’t much to add here, except to reiterate that I loved the place. It’s an adult Disney World.

On Boxing Day we walked from the Luxor to The Venetian and back. The tourist population seemed to have doubled overnight. It was cold and the sidewalks were crowded. But we felt we had to see more of the town. Our journey there and back started at 4 p.m. and ended at 8:30 p.m. To use a couple of quotes here:

John, having seen and admired the Luxor, The New York New York, The Bellagio, Ceasars Palace, et al . . . “Who needs to go to Europe”?

David, as he looked at the Venetian . . . “This is better than Venice. No pigeons.”

The only real thing we saw during our walk was the moon.

Returning to the Luxor was like going home. I took a 20-minute shower to defrost myself and then headed down to the casino for a final Black jack session. Jim and Ed were already there, and when David and Libby came down there were four Habershons and John seated at the same Black jack table. What a hoot! It was a pity that Charlie couldn’t join in the casino fun. They won’t allow under-21s near the slot machines, let alone the tables. We’ve agreed that we’ll all have to meet back there on his 21st birthday.

I left Las Vegas $620 up. It would have been $662 if I hadn’t wasted my time on the slot machines in the airport departure lounge. John broke even. I don’t know about Ed and Jim. They were still playing at 1 a.m. when John and I called it a night.

Christmas in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is awesome! We arrived here yesterday and are staying at the Luxor Hotel. The Emsworth Habs are here. They have rooms in the Pyramid section, where the elevators are called “inclinators” and go up at an angle. John and I are in the East Tower on the 15th floor. Our bathroom is bigger (nyaah, nyaah, nyaah-nyaah, nyaah) than theirs. We have an amazing view.

So what have we done so far? Caroused and gambled. Let’s see here. I lost $60 last night at Blackjack. This morning I put $5 in a slot machine on my way to breakfast and won $100 on the third pull (what a lovely noise). We unwrapped Christmas presents in David’s and Libby’s room while drinking British Airways champagne and Starbucks coffee. Then we had lunch at Pharoah’s Pheast. Then we headed to a Roulette table where I lost $40 in five minutes. Gosh I hate that game. David and Jim, however, tripled their money.

Now I’m taking a short break to update the website before heading back to the casino for some serious Blackjack.

I love this place!

Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas to all readers. Come back and check out the photograph album. I’ll be adding to it occasionally.

And We Were Home by Midnight

We got together with Callie and Kevin on Friday night at the Continental Club. A band called Molly and the Ringwalds was playing ’80s music. Picture to the left (duh). They were a great tonic at the end of a long week. No cover charge. There was a list of songs on the free nachos table, and if you wished to sing one of them with the band you could fill out a slip of paper and you’d get invited up on the stage. What a lark! I think it would have taken at least five G&Ts to get me up there.

The Continental Club is located on Main Street, which is where the light rail is being built. Imagine John (the train freak)’s excitement when he saw a train zip by on a (hmmm…) training run. When we left the club he spotted one in the distance and so we waited for it with the camera. Not a great picture, but if you click on the Fannin South sign you’ll see me on the platform. The driver’s supervisor actually opened the window and told me “No, you may not have a ride, but come back on January 1st.”

Our evening thrills with Molly and the train driver were nothing compared with the rest of the evening. We hadn’t had a chance to talk with Callie and Kevin (the music was loud), so we headed to the Alabama Ice House and shivered around the outdoor fire drinking beer and eating chicken saté (there must have been five gallons of peanut sauce) that Callie had generously called ahead and ordered from the Thai restaurant down the street. Good talk with good friends.

Graduation and Scrooge

Busy day ahead. For the last time I have a good excuse to leave work early. Nope. No classes. It’s my graduation!! Full details and pictures will appear later as I’ve already nominated myself Habershon of the Month for December. Other Habershons will have to wait until January.

Later this evening we are going to the Masquerade Theatre for a performance of “Scrooge.” John‘s mum is heavily involved with this theatre, and we’re going, in spite of the Houston Press’s review. OUCH!

Anyone want to come with? I think there are a few seats available.

Thank you, "Mr. Habershon"

Pictured to the right is a Harrods hamper entitled “Chocolate Wonder.” It arrived in the mail yesterday from the UK. The card inside was blank; i.e., I had no idea of the sender.

Not wanting to embarrass any Habershons who have not yet ordered me a Harrods hamper, I found the website of the distributing company and e-mailed them asking them to help me out. I received a response this morning:

Please be advised that the hamper was ordered for you by Mr. Habershon from the UK.


Yours sincerely,

Tapas Sinha
Customer Service
Harrods Direct Mail