Back to the Shop

I took Wendy in to Momentum Mini today to find out why her ABS light and flat tyre light keep coming on. They put her up on the lift and discovered that the speed sensor cable had been incorrectly installed by the body shop. It had been rubbing against the rim of the left tyre and was almost cut in half.

They didn’t have the part in stock. I’m hoping it’ll be in on Thursday in time for our San Antonio trip. Meanwhile they patched her up with a band aid.

I’m also hoping that the body shop will cover the cost of the spare part and labour.

Moving On

I hate it when people “move on.” It’s been happening lately. The first to go was my dental hygienist. I’d been going to her to have my teeth cleaned ever since I moved to Houston, even switching dentists twice to follow her around. She was good at her job and a really nice person. Of course, she was also friends with Lance Berkman‘s wife, so the one-sided conversations in the dentist’s chair were always interesting.

She moved to Colorado. Her house got mould damage after the floods and I think that pushed her and her husband to make the move nearer to her family.

Earlier this year my favourite person at the place I go to copy my maps disappeared. I’ve been going there for over five years and we got along really well. One day he wasn’t there. The next time he wasn’t there either. The time after that I asked what had happened to him.

He’d been fired. Apparently he wasn’t nice to the customers he didn’t like. Gosh!

Then there’s the title company from which our company orders deeds. I’ve always had a good relationship with the lady who takes care of us. She’s always been very efficient, and sometimes I’ll go over there and pick them up if there are too many for e-mailing. She’s even met Wendy.

I got an e-mail on Friday from her boss. She no longer works there. “Susan [name changed] will now be handling your company’s orders.” I’d last spoken to her on Wednesday. She never mentioned leaving. I don’t know what happened.

And now this morning I find out that Alex and Atualpa are moving to Dallas.

I hate it when people “move on”.

Niece in the French Alps

News from Clare. She is doing her third University year in France, living in a town called St-Marcellin, about 50 kilometres west of Grenoble. Living alone for the first time, she’s found a studio apartment which has turned out quite well since the landlord removed the dead squirrel from her room. She’s working at the lycĂ©e as an English language assistant. Here’s an interesting start to her first class: I basically just observed a few lessons to start with. I was presented to the class and the pupils had to ask me questions. Amongst the normal “what do you think of the French?” kinda qus, a couple of blokes asked me for my phone number and instead of replying with some witty comment, i just stood there flushing and the teacher had to save me. Nightmare! Quite a few cheeky Jean-Pierres it would seem….nought I can’t deal with though!!”

Hang in there, Clare! Good to hear from you.

Day Trip

We drove 160 miles each way yesterday to meet up with Kevin and Callie and listen to the Dead End Angels at Gruene Hall. They played from 1 to 5 p.m. with three breaks and the crowd seemed to like them. That’s Scratch in the picture with his washboard. He joined them for a couple of songs.

We’re hoping to make it to San Antonio on Friday for Hallowe’en. They’ll be playing at the Scenic Loop Cafe. Troy (hunk on the right, and single, ladies) has promised to wear his leather pants.

Heads will be rolling in New York

The worst sports day of the year (a/k/a the first day of the long winter without Baseball) is here.

The World Series ended well, though, as Josh Beckett (from Spring, very near Houston) and the Florida Marlins won the World Series by eliminating the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium (smirk).

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Now what will you be giving us Astros fans for Christmas, Mr. McLane? I do have a soft spot for Andy Pettitte (from Deer Park, very near Houston :). C’mon, open up that chequebook.

No Glue Needed

We Mini owners may seem to get over-excited about things sometimes. I do, however, have to show you the latest gadget I found for Wendy‘s dashboard (thank you Louay via Mike). It’s called a “Sticky Pad.” You just place it on the dash (no adhesives) and put items such as your cell phone, Mini Mints, or glasses on it. Don’t ask me how, but not only does the pad stay put, the objects also stay there. I’ve even tested it driving through potholes, of which there are a multitude in Houston.

I bought two to test them. The one on the left was $4.99 and the one on the right was $5.99 (Jelly Sticky Pad — same manufacturer). They both work the same, so it’s just a matter of personal preference and a dollar.

The next thing to sit on my sticky pad will be my new radar detector. John and I will be driving to Florida for Thanksgiving and decided having one in the car would cut several hours off our trip.

A Date for Wendy

Atualpa came by last night to take a bath with Wendy. Alex and I let them hang out together while we watched the World Series (oh, those poor Marlins). Now before all those chins start wagging, bear in mind that Wendy is a 2002 Mini while Ataualpa is a 2003. That makes her old enough to be his mother.