Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 31, 2002

Happy Easter to all Habershons, non-Habershons and surfers! The weather is warm and sunny here. John and I met friends for brunch at Chuy’s and are now home for the rest of the too-short weekend. My apologies for the state of this website right now. I inadvertantly deleted all the guestbook entries and the Clinton HabHumour entries. I’ve decided to get rid of my home-made guestbook and go with the professionals (BraveNet). Sorry about all the ads that pop up. Of course, if I paid them they’d give me a version without ads. I’ll fix HabHumour soon but have to study for another test on Thursday so may not have time this week. By the way, the lobster was delicious. Click here to read about it.

Jenny has been in regular contact with news of Dad. He has his mobile phone but I’m not sure if he has mastered all the buttons yet. I called him yesterday and it rang ten times before rolling over to voicemail. I was picturing him fumbling with all the buttons trying to answer it, or maybe he just keeps it switched off. Paul and David will both be visiting him tomorrow. From what I can gather, Dad is very tired and gets exhausted just trying to make it to the visitors’ room. Did everyone send him a card? I’ll be making a count soon.

Ricky and family, David and family . . . hope you enjoyed your ski-ing trips.

I scored the Astros’ game on Friday on John’s Palm Pilot. Check out the score sheet it produces. And here’s the graphical version.

Lobster Rumour

Friday, March 29, 2002

A three-day weekend. Wonderful! Paul and Clare were down in Sherborne during the week. Dad is staying in the nursing home for at least two more weeks. His angina attacks are not as frequent and he’s a little better. I spoke to Paul on Wednesday night and he said that he and Clare were going into Yeovil the next day to buy a mobile phone.

My birthday is “ongoing.” I had to work yesterday and also had an Options exam and took another trip to the dentist to get my new crown adjusted (it’s still not right) so by the time I got home there was little time for celebration. John took me out for Indian food and as soon as I got home I crashed (slept 11 hours). Anyway, apparently his sisters-in-law have sent me two live Maine lobsters. I am awaiting their arrival as I type. We won’t be eating them tonight as we’d already planned to go to a Red Sox/Astros exhibition game at ToBeNamedField. Not sure if I’ll sleep much knowing they’re in the kitchen feeling sorry for themselves (the lobsters, that is). The picture to the right is a gift from John. Any guesses?
birthday present.jpg (470073 bytes)

Weeks in a Year and Cards in a Pack

Saturday, March 23, 2002

I called the Abbey View Nursing Home today. They had to move Dad to the end of the corridor so he could talk to me on their mobile ‘phone. Somehow I think it must be a cordless ‘phone — he kept on fading in and out. Anyway, he seemed alert, and enjoyed being taken out to play bridge on Thursday, but has apparently been having more angina attacks. The doctor says he has a blocked artery. He also has to vacate his room on Good Friday as someone else has booked it for a week. He says he wants to stay there and doesn’t think he’ll be able to manage on his own if he goes home. Diana is going there for lunch tomorrow, and Paul and Clare will be going down there for three days on Tuesday so we’ll probably have a better picture then of what can be done.

There are 52 rooms, and Dad is in Room 52 — good number for a bridge player. We’re wondering if that makes him the Ace of Spades or the King of Spades.

Meanwhile, back in Houston, it’s another weekend. Nick has been in touch (see a link on his page for some new pictures). He is coming to the end of life at Warwick University and will soon be looking for a job in Germany. Darn. I was hoping to get my degree before any of my nephews and nieces, but he’s going to beat me to it. I have five classes left to take, and if all goes to plan should graduate in May 2003.

Twins for Hire

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Quick update this evening. I need to master the Black & Scholes formula before tomorrow’s Options class.

Ricky visited Dad today. He is getting much better, eating well, and is venturing a little further along the corridor each day. David is visiting on Friday and Paul and Clare will be up on Tuesday for three days.

I got hold of Helen’s latest brochure. You can read it it you go to her page. If anyone wants to listen to some good music I’m sure she and Cathrine will be happy to perform for you. Get in touch with me first (if you’re in the U.S.) and I’ll see if I can negotiate the fee down.

News of Dad

Monday, March 18, 2002

The English Patient is still weak but wants to play bridge and wants to go home. We’re going to have to pin him down (for at least two weeks, the doctors say). He has had a constant stream of visitors since his arrival in the nursing home . . . Diana, Jenny, Mrs. Rutter, Barbara Woods, to mention but a few. That’s more than I had in two operations last year. Ruth Fisher is taking him out for bridge on Thursday and is also going to lend him a mobile ‘phone and look into finding a nurse for him when he escapes. Talk about being completely spoiled.

Meanwhile, Charlie is in bed about half a mile away with a virus. I’ll bet he isn’t having half as much fun. Get better soon, Charlie — you don’t want to miss the family ski-ing trip.

Have you mailed your cards yet?

A Mini Cooper? In Texas?

Sunday, March 17, 2002

It’s been good to slow down the pace a little this weekend. Got all the laundry done, filed my tax return (I owed $448), met friends for coffee last night and planned a raft trip for Memorial Day weekend. I even checked into the possibility of buying a Mini Cooper. Things don’t look good — there are no distributors in Texas, and if I buy one from the closest dealer in Memphis there is a one-year waiting list (18 months for the Cooper S). If I go on the waiting list they want a $500 deposit. Decisions. I can’t believe there are that many people in the U.S. wanting a Mini.

Meanwhile, I got an e-mail from Jenny, who has already visited Dad in the nursing home. What a turnaround! He is “full of beans, fussing about getting back to bridge again, and intends to go back to his house this week.” Ricky apparently had a hassle with the insurance rep. in Madeira before he left. She told him he had to pay for all the doctor’s bills and caused a scene in the hotel lobby as he and Helen were checking out ready to accompany Dad back to England. Fortunately Ricky refused as CEGA (the insurance company) had told him not to pay any bills. She threatened to prevent him from leaving Madeira, and he ended up giving her a copy of his passport and his address in England to get her off his back. Good work, Ricky. I’m glad I didn’t go through that.

Abbey View

Saturday, March 16, 2002

You haven’t mailed those cards yet, have you? David called to say that he has moved Dad to the Abbey View Nursing Home. He is tired after his journey but his health has improved a lot. The address is:

Abbey View Nursing Home, Room 52
Bristol Road
Dorset DT9 4HD
Tel: 01-935-813-222

He doesn’t have a ‘phone in his room but they will take a message. I in fact just called and the nurse offered to take the ‘phone up to his room. Maybe we could chip in and buy him a mobile? What do you think, brothers?


later Friday evening, The Ides of March, 2002

Dad is in Sherborne! Ricky will tell the whole story tomorrow.

Any excuse to celebrate . . . John has just fixed one of his designer drinks: Vodka, orange juice, scoop of vanilla ice cream, crushed ice, and . . . one shot of banana liqueur from . . . did you guess? . . . Madeira! Our one souvenir.

Have you mailed that card yet?

The English Patient Returns

Friday evening, The Ides of March, 2002

Dad was put on a plane today and should already have arrived at Gatwick. From there he will be taken in an ambulance to Sherborne. Ricky and Helen are on the same flight and I hope they will be in contact with the latest update.

You’ve all got your cards ready, haven’t you? Here’s the address:

Peter Habershon
Rowan Ward
Yeatman Hospital
Hospital Lane