Bad news from Madeira

One of the main reasons for starting this website was to keep the family in touch. And I suppose I have to report the bad news as well. Dad has been taken ill while on holiday in Madeira. David called this morning to say he’d had a heart attack; however, I have since spoken to him again and apparently an electrocardiogram did not confirm this. Dad is in intensive care and may be moved to a clinic tomorrow; alternatively, his insurance company may send a doctor and nurse out there to take him back to England. David will be talking with the doctors tomorrow morning. Once I know the plan I shall probably fly out to Madeira (or England) to be with Dad. I haven’t seen him since January 2000 and a visit is long overdue.

Cougars and Gosford Park

Cougars022402.jpg (19395 bytes)We rode our bicycles to Cougar Field today (90 minutes there by the scenic route through the park, and 30 minutes back by the scary route). Got burnt to a crisp but we did see the UH Cougars beat LSU 12-11 in the bottom of the ninth. It was the biggest crowd I’d ever seen at Cougar Field — LSU brings a lot of rabid fans with them when they travel.

FILM REVIEW FROM DAVID, lifted from the Message Book:

I promised you a review of GOSFORD PARK, seen at the new Warner Bros 10 screen in Portsmouth (Gunwharf Quays) on Friday…a great movie, strongly recommended. A scintillating update of the country house murder mystery, set during a rainy November shooting weekend in 1932. The film anatomises a family, a house, a whole society, with a confidence that verges on the staggering. Call it an Agatha Christie house-party picture that reveals the intricacies of class and sex in a way that Christie never could. (all cribbed from the review in THE WEEK..) Incidentally, Grandpa would particularly enjoy this movie, if anyone could persuade him to go to the cinema….

I haven’t seen it yet, David. But John has.

A daffodil

Daffodil2.jpg (9197 bytes)

We’ve just got back from a bike ride. John is weeding the yard. We planted nearly 500 daffodils before Christmas. They don’t do too well in Houston as the weather doesn’t get cold enough.

However, one came up yesterday. Here’s a picture. See how I’m trying to keep everyone interested? This has to be better than looking at my car in the car wash.

I don't need a Mini

Not much to report from Houston. The weather is perfect. We have all the windows open this evening and neither the heating nor the air conditioning is running. I am sitting at the kitchen table trying to study for an Options exam on Tuesday and a Finance exam on Thursday. I understand that Paul is staying with Dad this week and hope they get some sleep between all the bridge sessions. David, if you want to nominate Kate for April Habershon of the Month, it’s your responsibility to get a picture of her!carwash.jpg (41286 bytes)

Here’s a picture of my Dodge Raider going through the car wash at lunch time today. It’ll be thirteen years old in June and has been extremely reliable. It’s gone through one battery, one clutch, four new tyres, has started every morning, and I’ve yet to replace the brake pads. How could I even be thinking about wanting a Mini?

Shrove Tuesday

And a Happy Pancake Day to everyone.

I notice from the Sherborne Bridge Club’s website that Jenny and partner beat Dad and partner in the Monday bridge. Looks as if we may need a backup March Habershon of the Month.

Two more essays for your weekend enjoyment. One from John and one from me. Nick and Clare, we’d both like to point out that ours have pictures.

John is almost ready to graduate with a history degree — he just needs to transfer a biology credit from Malaysia to UH — they’re giving him a hard time over it though. Anyway, his is an old paper and mine is too. Most of the classes I have left to take don’t require papers — just a lot of maths. I suppose I could post some formulas for you to read.

What we want in Europe

I like David‘s posting in the Message Book today, and think I’ll paste it here:

From extensive studies and polling it has been determined that this is what we want in Europe:

  1. Swiss salary
  2. Luxembourg taxes
  3. German car
  4. British home
  5. Spanish girls
  6. French wine
  7. Italian food
  8. Belgian beer
  9. Austrian mountains
  10. Danish administration

And this is the EC’s proposal for a Europe after EMU:

  1. Czech salary
  2. Swedish taxes
  3. Spanish car
  4. Greek home
  5. Irish girls
  6. German wine
  7. British food
  8. French beer
  9. Dutch mountains
  10. Italian administrationsir cat at enron.jpg (65195 bytes)

Went back to Enron Field today for more of the College Classic. This time I dragged John along. He’s always happy if it’s not too crowded, he has something to read, and I protect him from line drives — see photograph. Now it’s time to hit the books. Where did the weekend go?

Bits and pieces

My priority this morning with this website was to fix the picture of Nick on the Habershon of the Month page. I really messed it up last week. The pressure got to me, what with it being late and February being a short month. Didn’t want Nick whining that he was only getting 20 days of glory. Anyway, a few tweaks in Corel Photopaint and it’s looking a lot better. We almost had our first controversy yesterday. I received an e-mail from Jenny who said that Dad was calling all his friends to tell them he was Habershon of the Month. He was close to holding a celebration party. Nick, I nearly had to remove you but didn’t want to risk your throwing a tantrum. So, I e-mailed Jenny for advice. She responded “Make him wait.” Good enough for me. Now who was it that told him?

Clare has sent us another essay (oh no!). Don’t worry, this one’s in English and French, so maybe a few of us will be able to understand it. Thank you, Clare. Here’s Clare’s news:

“…well I’ve just finished performing in West Side Story – 4 night show – complete sell-out, ACE! Dad and Nick came to watch me in it!! That was nice.

Last night was hilarious…after coming back from the union, Neil asked me to cut his hair. Not a great idea, considering I’d had a bit to drink and the only available cutting implement was a pair of kitchen scissors! Anyway, it all started off ok until a (more drunk than I was) Tim insisted on helping…talk about HACKING off locks of hair…Neil ended up with a couple of bald patches and no style to his hair whatsoever….oops! Needless to say, Neil has already paid a much needed visit to the hairdressers this morning…!!!

Dublin here I come on 15th Feb until 17th…can’t wait! Ireland…..mmmmmmm…..Guinness……..mmmmmmmmm!!! It’s Paris though this weekend…….soooo excited! Perhaps Disneyland….!”

Hope you’re completely unruffled by Clare’s antics, Paul. Just keep reading the essay.

Houston happenings? Well, the Rodeo‘s in town. Bob Dylan will be performing this week and I’m trying to find some free tickets.

Yesterday evening, while John upgraded my laptop and installed Windows XP, I college classic 020802.jpg (259522 bytes)headed to Enron Field on my bicycle to watch some live Baseball. The regular season doesn’t start until April 2nd, but this weekend is the College Classic. I saw the UH Cougars beat Baylor. Excellent game decided in the bottom of the ninth with a homerun by the catcher, Chris Snyder. I did take the camera with me. Here’s a picture I took before they closed the roof. Don’t know why they did that as it wasn’t raining.

It looks as if you’re all having trouble with the current HabHumour contest. I shall update it this weekend. John is terrified I’ll put up a picture of George Bush — he can’t stand it when people make fun of him.

Habershon of the Month

Well, we have a Habershon of the Month. Not to take anything away from you, Nick, but I’m really scraping the barrel here trying to find a new one every month. Hey, all you have to do is rescue a stray cat or help a stranded motorist. I was so desperate I even went over to the Sherborne Bridge Club website only to discover that Dad and partner came in third in the Monday afternoon pairs. Enough of this Habershon mediocrity!

By the way, thank you, Paul for coming up with a few more twigs for the family tree.